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Outtakes from The Big Exit audiobook (read by RC Bray)
SoundCloud, Jan 2014
Interview with the author of Knife Music and The Big Exit
Writer's Digest, May 2013
The Big Exit: An Excellent Second Novel
Buffalo Book Blog, March 2013
Extenuating circumstances define 'The Big Exit' by David Carnoy
Cabin Godess blog, February 2013
Interview with Author David Carnoy
J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer, February 2013
The Big Exit review
Views from the Countryside, February 2013
David Carnoy's 'The Big Exit' is an entertaining, suspenseful mystery review, January 2013
David Carnoy Interview
Nook Users' Book Club, January 2013
Interview/Review, January 2013
Q & A with author David Carnoy
The Book Diva's Reads blog, January 2013
It's Either Sadness or Euphoria review, December 2012
Barnes & Noble Review's review of The Big Exit
Barnes & Noble Review, December 2012
Sony Reader Store awards The Big Exit "Best Cover of 2012"
Sony Reader Store, December 2012
My Book, the Movie: David Carnoy's The Big Exit
My Book, the Movie Blog, November 2012
Curled Up With a Good Book (Review), November 2012
Review of The Big Exit audiobook (starred), November 2012
Pg. 69: David Carnoy's "The Big Exit"
Campaign for the American Reader, November 2012
Mystery Reviews | November
Library Journal, Novermber 2012
Where everyone should get their Big Exit
404 podcast (with video), October 2012
The Tech Industry is getting a Murder Mystery
Digidame, Sept 2012
A Chat with David Carnoy of CNET about his book, KNIFE MUSIC, and the Road To Being Published
Diesel Books, December 2010
My Own Private Palo Alto, or Why I Hate James Franco
Huffington Post, November 2010
Stanford appears in 'Knife Music'
Stanford Daily, October 2010
An interview with David Carnoy
Crime Watch: 9mm, July 2010
Does Free Sell?
Huffington Post, July 2010
David Carnoy: Self-publishing is minor-league -- and that's good
Booklist Online, March 2010
Self-publishing is not a last resort for authors
NY1 TV, Mar 2009
Banned in Cupertino, Dec 2008
E-Book barred from app store due to obscene content
Engadget, , Dec 2008
iPhone App Store bans book app for naughty language
Gizmodo, Dec 2008
Books go digital (well, maybe not the racy ones)
Los Angeles Times, Dec 2008
CNET censors story on iPhone censorship
The Guadian UK, Dec 2008
Prudery in the case of cyber-censorship? Hardly., Dec 2008
Apple rejects book app for "objectionable content", Dec 2008
To restrict or not restrict: The conundrum for operators and app stores
RCR Wireless, Dec 2008
The Year in Review: Fur Sure
Metro Active, Dec 2008
CNET Executive Editor defends self-publishing
Media Bistro's GalleyCat, Dec 2008
The unvarnished truth about self-publishing
The Book Deal, Dec 2008
Doing it yourself
Booklist Online, Dec 2008
'Self-publishing a book: 25 Things you need to know'--including challenges facing e-authors: CNET editor's tips
Teleread, Dec 2008
Self-publishing a book, 25 Things you need to know
Mystery Book News, Dec 2008

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